Massage… The Perfect ‘MOMent’

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! So, let’s celebrate MOM. From the busy mom, to the hopeful new (or expectant!) mom, to our wise and experienced grandmoms, we should not miss this opportunity to show and tell our moms why they are so special and loved.

Last year, we asked you–our family, friends and fans–to share your MOMents. Moments or ideas that spoke to why your moms (or you yourself as a mom!) are so special and why they deserved to win a free massage. The feedback was so touching and heartfelt, that we’re sharing a few here with you… to celebrate all moms and to get into the spirit of the day of momhood! Because it realy is a time to give ‘back’ (pun intended) to the special superwomen in each of our lives. Enjoy!

“A mother is the truest friend you could ever have. Her love is selfless.”

–Christina B., Canton, Michigan


“My only son and I at the airport when he got home from Afghanistan for his R & R. One of the most memorable moments in my life :).”

–Jackie F., Westland, Michigan


“Life doesn’t always provide time for moments like these, so when the stress of being a mom and grandmother take their toll, you have to make it a point to set aside time for you. A LaVida massage is one of the greatest ways to ‘reclaim’ yourself!”

–Anne W., Canton, Georgia


“I’ll brave the cold to make awesome memories with my kids!”

–Jennifer S., Cedar Park, Texas


“My mom and I enjoy spa days together! She deserves to be spoiled especially now that her and my dad have adopted 2 sisters who were going to be split up! She is the most beautiful and selfless person that I know!”

–Sarah M., Worth, Illinois


“For the mom who constantly encourages me–from fielding late night phone calls over panic for an exam, to helping me save whatever it is I just tried to cook. In my opinion, my mom is the best.”

–Samira B., Andover, Minnesota


“A step parent is so much more than just a parent; they made the choice to love when they didn’t have to.”

–Brittany J., Amissville, Virginia


“‘Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens and happy kids.’ Mission accoplished, Mom. I love you!”

–Carley L., Carnegie, Pennsylvania


This Mother’s Day consider your MOMent–why your mother or why being a mother is so amazing. And don’t forget to show mom how much you care. Forget the flowers… give Mom a gift more meaningful, more healthful, more special. Massage is the perfect gift, and the perfect MOMent… an opportunity for her to relax and to de-stress. Or, give her a year of MOMents with LaVida’s Member Benefits Program. Because Mom deserves to take a breather from the chaos of every day for a moment–or life–of wellness!

Massage therapy has many benefits and it can be especially healthful for Mom. It reduces stress levels, relaxes muscles and body, and calms her mind. And hey, a custom LaVida massage for Mom could benefit you too, because we all know that happy moms make happy children (and partners!). Mom’s massage will enhance her mood–and a good mood IS contagious, you know!

Happy Mother’s Day!