Nix the Holiday Stress and Make it a Merry Holiday Season

The holiday season can be wonderful. But let’s face it, the season can also be busy… and for many, stressful! As your stress-less professionals, we have your ‘back’ — literally and figuratively.

We are here to help you find balance, the find the joy in the season and ultimately, stress less. Our gift to you from us, we’ve created a holiday stress busters cheat sheet–for Merry Wellness and a Happy New You:

Shop Online to Avoid Long Lines and In-Store Congestion

With the average American working 40+ hours per week and often juggling kids, family and more, going to the mall–with its quest for parking spots, long lines and not the most pleasant of people–can seem daunting at best. Talk about a headache! So opt out, and shop online. You can surf for what you want, enjoy holiday sales and incentives and shipping is usually reasonable (or free). Imagine how much gasoline and sanity you’ll be saving from not running store to store, and how relaxed you’ll be when your packages arrive at your doorstep. It’s as easy as shop, click, buy, wrap–win, win for everyone!

Participate in Some Winter Wonderland Activities

It’s true… this time of year we tend to eat more and move less. All the cookies, candy and good cheer can lead to pesky weight gain that in turn, can cause a feeling of lethargic and blue. So, get active in true wintertime style. Try activities as simple as a stroll through the snow, or for the more ambitious, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, ice skate in the park. Even cutting your own Christmas tree is a great way to take in the season and burn a few calories. Maintaining your stay-healthy routine is more important now than any other time of the year, and these are all great ways to keep on track and feel good, too! No Santa bellies here!

Fancy the Extra Family Time

This is a great time to enjoy real, quality time with your family. Remember how magical the holidays were for you as a child? It’s the same for the children in your life today–so savor this time with them. Take advantage of cherished time off from work. Enjoy family games and outings. Christmas movies are aplenty (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is our personal favorite). The lights are bright and beautiful for nighttime viewings. And, the fire is ablaze for warming up those family gatherings and gift exchanges (don’t forget the hot cocoa!). Remember–the season is about being with others and being thankful. Keep the Christmas calm with loved ones, sans stress and sans Scrooge!

Don’t Forget About Us!

From our gift cards that make perfect (and easy) stocking stuffers, to our root candles and other relaxing products that any loved one would enjoy, we can help you avoid the long lines at the mall and have more time for you–and your family! And while you’re with us, our professional therapists would love to work on easing your own tension–so you can have more holiday bows, and less holiday ‘knots.’