Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage MassageUnlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not have a pump to push it around the body, so the lymph relies primarily on our body’s muscle action and movement to maintain its fluid movement. Lymphatic drainage is a manual massage technique that works on the lymphatic system, stimulating it to work quicker by moving the lymph to the lymph nodes. Its main function is to accelerate the process of removing the accumulated liquid in your body by pushing toward your lymph nodes and flushing it out of your system.

This acceleration of the lymphatic system is an evidence-backed game-changer for people with lymphedema or other conditions involving the lymphatic system. It can even help to reduce swelling after surgery, as one 2007 study about its use after wisdom tooth removal points out.

An aesthetic benefit relating to bodily lymphatic drainage was found in a 2010 study. The authors concluded that lymphatic drainage effectively reduced thigh circumference and the thickness of both thigh and abdominal fat in people with cellulite.